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MODIQUE Questions & Answers

Below, you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions about MODIQUE. If you have any questions not answered, feel free to contact us.

Product Questions

Am I a candidate for breast reduction?
If you are a woman with macromastia – a condition of having abnormally large, pendulous breasts, then you are a candidate for breast reduction. Women living with macromastia often suffer chronic, debilitating symptoms such as neck, back and shoulder pain, as well as skin abrasions and indentations from bra straps. And while some women just feel awkward with breasts that are out of proportion to the rest of their bodies, clinical studies reveal that macromastia can also cause numbness, tingling, pain and weakness in one or both hands – not just a nuisance, but a real medical condition. If you identify with any of these symptoms, MODIQUE Herbal Breast Reduction Formula may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

What is MODIQUE Breast Reduction?
MODIQUE is a safe alternative for women who wish to treat the symptoms of overly large breasts without undergoing plastic surgery or liposuction. MODIQUE is a synergistic herbal formula that produces significant breast reduction – up to 30 per cent – in just a few months.

How does MODIQUE work?
MODIQUE works by having a fat-reducing effect on the mammary tissue. The ingredients in MODIQUE work together to block and metabolize stored fat cells. Citrus Bioflavonoids are thought to block the hormone responsible for fat gain, while helping the body to burn up fat, rather than store it. Green Tea Extract prevents fat from being stored in the body and also promotes thermogenesis (fat-burning). In Chinese medicine, Atractylodes are used to make the body “light”. The herb is used to rid edema in the chest area and is frequently combined with Hoelen. It is said that while Atractylodes has a drying effect, Hoelen helps the body to expel excessive fluid. Guarana, Fennel, and Ginger Root all have slimming, thermogenic and diuretic properties, while Pueraria Root is included for strengthening glandular tissue in breasts.

How do I use MODIQUE?
Use MODIQUE as directed. Take one tablet three times daily after meals, with a full glass of water for best results.

  If I increase the dosage, will my breasts reduce faster?
The recommended dosage of MODIQUE is adequate for women to obtain maximum results in the shortest possible time. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.

What should I be aware of before I start taking MODIQUE?
First of all, and most importantly, always consult with your healthcare professional before you start taking MODIQUE. A combined intake of MODIQUE and other medications and supplements may cause interactions. Discontinue use of MODIQUE if you experience any adverse reactions and consult your doctor.

Who should NOT use MODIQUE?
Women on chronic prescription medications, who have been diagnosed with any diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and Cancer. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. The product is not recommended for women under the age of 18. MODIQUE is not recommended for women who are allergic to any of the ingredients.

How long will MODIQUE take to work?
MODIQUE will begin to work immediately and a reduction in size will be noticeable after just a few weeks. You will begin to see optimal results within three to six months.

How many bottles of MODIQUE should I start with?
You can order as many or as few bottles as you wish. However, we recommend you purchase three bottles in order to see the initial benefits of MODIQUE and re-order after this initial trial period to obtain the full results. When you purchase our Web Special of five bottles, you will get one bottle free, for a full six-month supply.

How long should I use MODIQUE?
Take MODIQUE until you reach your desired breast size, usually between three and six months. Should you decide to use MODIQUE longer than six months, further decreases in breast size may be expected. There are no long-term side effects associated with the continued use of MODIQUE.

Is Breast Reduction with MODIQUE permanent?
Yes. Once you reach your desired size, you can discontinue using the product without ever having to use it again. Reduction results will not be lost after you stop using the product.

Will one breast reduce faster than the other?
No. MODIQUE Breast Reduction is uniform. The reduction process will affect both breasts equally and evenly.

  Order Questions

Do you package MODIQUE discreetly?
Yes, all parcels are generic. There is no mention of the contents on the outer packaging, so your purchase is secret and discreet.

How long will it take for my parcel to arrive?
That depends on the method of delivery you choose. Ordinary and postal COD parcels take between two and five business days to arrive, or you may opt for an overnight parcel or courier delivery, which typically arrives in around 48 hours.

How will I know my parcel has arrived?
All parcels, whether ordinary, postal COD, overnight or courier parcels, are sent out with a tracking number. A consultant will notify you of your tracking number by email, as well as the approximate day of arrival at your post office or address. You will be required to track your ordinary registered mail by calling Post Office Customer Care on 0860 111 502, or your overnight registered mail and courier deliveries by calling Speed Services on 0860 023 133.

Which payment methods do you accept?
You can pay on the website with a credit card, by bank transfer (EFT) or postal COD (pay at the post office counter). Scroll to the bottom to view a link to our banking details.

Is using my credit card on your site safe and secure?
Yes! All credit card payments are processed securely by our third-party payment processor, MonsterPay. As a buyer, your credit card number is concealed from the merchant, offering you complete security and peace of mind.
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